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Tooth pain is some of the most discomforting of all pains anyone can endure. If your tooth is tender to the touch or you’re just experiencing a general pain in your teeth we understand how stressful it can be.

Tooth pain can be described in several ways:

  • Sharp stabbing pain around your tooth
  • Throbbing pain that feels like your tooth has a heartbeat
  • Inflammation around the tooth, usually the gum line
  • Red and irritated gums
  • General mouth pain with a difficult to locate the origin
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Toothaches are a distressing feeling, and you can’t always get directly to a dentist, but there are few things you can do until you can see us. These are not permanent solutions, the purpose is to give you relief until you’re able to see Dr. Hemphill.

Salt and warm water
This a common remedy that is fast and easy to do. Nearly everyone has salt and water. Warm salt water has been known to provide relief for toothaches because the solution will draw out the fluids from the gums that are causing the irritation and help reduce the aching sensation. Mix a single tablespoon (1 tbsp.) of salt in a glass of warm water, then rinse and swish the solution around your mouth, repeating if necessary.
Ice or Cold Compress
The easiest and most common method for pain relief is using ice or a cold compress on the outside of your mouth that is experiencing tooth pain.
Hydrogen Peroxide
A common household antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide can be diluted or used by itself. Simply gargle and swish it around the tooth and spit.
This remedy has been used since teeth and alcohol were around. Swishing alcohol like whiskey, scotch, vodka, and brandy will kill the germs and help to numb the area around the pained tooth. We do not recommend this method for patients under the age of 21 under any circumstances.


10 Common Reasons for Tooth Pain 

Tooth Decay
The most common reason for a dental pain is tooth decay. If your tooth and surrounding area hurts, the decay in the tooth will have reached the inner layer of your tooth – the nerve. Once your nerve is damaged your tooth will become sensitive. If the pain is less of an ache and more of a sharp pain, the tooth decay may have reached the center of the tooth. This pain is very intense and makes it difficult to continue with daily life.
Tooth Abscess
When tooth decay advances to the point of affecting the root there is a good chance that the root and the surrounding area are infected. This pain is a widespread pulsating tooth pain that may make it hard to even determine which tooth is infected. A tooth abscess is very serious and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If left untreated it can result in bone and tissue loss, which is never fun.
Gum Disease
A dull pain in the mouth, red, bleeding gums, and sometimes tooth pain, can be an indication of gum disease. The most common cause is the have become inflamed. Left untreated, teeth, gums, and bones can be damaged or lost. In extreme cases, surgical measures are taken to rid the mouth of infection.
Tooth Fractures
If you have fractured your tooth you may not know it until the pain starts. If you’ve experienced a significant blow to the mouth while playing a contact sport or any other activity, it’s possible a tooth was fractured. If the fracture makes its way to the middle of the tooth where the nerve endings are it will result in terrible tooth pain.
Temperature Sensitivity
Sharp pain during, or very soon after, eating or drinking something that is cold or hot, is associated with tooth sensitivity. This can result from gum recession, worn enamel, as well as recent teeth whitening.
Damaged Fillings or Dental Sealants
Dental fillings often cover deep pits, grooves, or fractures in teeth protecting vulnerable parts of your teeth. When these protectors are damaged. Bacteria can make their way over time in between the filling and the tooth thus loosening the attachment over time. This can result in pain that is a dull ache or even a sharp piercing sensation.
Teeth Grinding
Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a very common reason for jaw, neck, muscle, and tooth pain. Grinding usually occurs while you’re asleep or in a stressful situation. The result is sore jaw bones, headaches, and even cracked or chipped teeth.
Improper Brushing or Flossing
A lot of the time people do not pay attention to the pressure they are using when they brush and floss. Most of the time people improperly brush and floss their teeth. . Brushing improperly over the course of several months can lead to irritated, inflamed and bleeding gums. Above all this is the most common type of problem.
Misaligned Teeth or Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Misaligned teeth that are pressing against each other can result in tooth pain. Impacted wisdom teeth, or wisdom teeth that have failed to break through the gum line can be extremely painful as they push against other teeth.
Orthodontic Alignment
Braces, retainers, and other dental alignment systems are often times cause for sensitive and aching teeth. The pain is usually noticeable right after adjustments that tighten or move teeth, but usually go away after a short time. If the pain persists, make sure to talk to Dr. Hemphill.

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    West Hill Family Dental has been serving my entire family for 10 years. They have always been great and treat us like family. I will continue to use them because of the high level of care and comfortable atmosphere.
    Jim Barilla
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    Today was my first visit with West Hill Family dental. The staff was awesome! So warm and welcoming! I felt at home the moment I walked in the door. Melissa (hygienist) was awesome and very sweet. Dr. Hemphill was very personable. I am a nervous Nelly with the dentist but they really helped me feel comfortable.
    Nicole Sousa Ribeiro
  • Jorge Gallo
    "Going to the Dentist," isn't something most folks look forward to. Fortunately, the Team at West Hill Family Dental makes that experience an enjoyable event with a friendly, thoughtful and genuinely concerned approach to both routine care and one-off emergencies. The atmosphere is relaxed and positive; everything from scheduling to changes is accommodated with little fuss and a genuine enthusiasm to see you at the next opportunity. And the overall quality of care, execution and attention to customer needs are unmatched by most practices, and certainly by the cookie-cutter pop-ups that abound elsewhere. Highly recommended, family-oriented and very professional in every aspect of care and delivery - they're definitely on the list of recommendations to new residents and neighbors!
    Jorge Gallo
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    In the past I have had bad experiences with dentist and I have switch many times and I think I have finally found my forever home. Kim and Monica at the front desk are amazing they make sure that if you have any concerns, they will accommodate you in any way they can. They also socialize with you which makes visiting the dentist feel like visiting family. This is by far the best dentist I've ever been to and would recommend them to anyone.
    Ivy M.
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    Dr.Robert Hemphill and his staff are so friendly.I was very nervous to get my treatment done,doctor made me understand and kept me calm.I always walk out happy, feeling I have seen the BEST doctor who took care of my dental treatment.Kinga the dental assistant is so kind and helpful,Kim such a lovely person always smiling and happy,Monica is superb too, she calls and double confirms the appointment so that I don’t forget. Thank you once again.
    Savy Sri

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