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Removing a natural tooth is never ideal. However, despite our menu of modern tooth repair treatments, it may be necessary to extract a damaged or severely decayed tooth. At West Hill Family Dental, you can trust that if we suggest an extraction, it is in the best interest of your overall smile health. Our office provides comfort amenities, sedation dentistry and the latest dental technology to ensure your visit is as stress-free as possible. Dr. Hemphill proudly offers tooth extractions for both children and adults as a part of our commitment to provide complete dental care at every stage of life.


Extracting a tooth can be a solution to relieve your pain and also protect your surrounding teeth. There are a variety of circumstances in which a natural tooth may need to be removed in an adult or child, including the following:

  • Severe decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Extensive damage
  • Orthodontic preparation (crowding)
  • Baby teeth that won’t fall out
  • Impacted wisdom tooth

Damaged Tooth Removal

A damaged tooth can be the result of a sudden traumatic injury or years of poor oral hygiene. In either case, if the damage cannot be repaired with a filling, crown or other dental treatment, an extraction may be needed. When removing a damaged tooth, Dr. Hemphill utilizes a gentle approach and a highly precise technique that preserves as much healthy bone and tissue possible. Our office also offers modern anesthetics as well as sedation dentistry options to eliminate discomfort during the procedure. While we will go above and beyond to keep you comfortable during your visit, we also provide special post-operative instructions to improve your recovery experience at home.

To learn more about tooth extractions from one of Rock Hill’s most trusted family dentists, please contact our office. We offer flexible scheduling and affordable financing for your convenience.

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