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The Prettau® implant bridge has revolutionized the way we replace missing teeth. It is a superior alternative to dentures, allowing patients to receive replacement teeth that look, feel and function like real teeth. At West Hill Family Dental, we pursue the latest and most proven treatment options in restorative dentistry. To this end, we proudly offer the Prettau® implant bridge as well as many other advanced treatment options in restorative dentistry.


The Prettau® implant bridge is best for patients who have multiple missing teeth and want a more secure and comfortable option than dentures. Unlike other bridges, the Prettau® bridge is uniquely fabricated with zirconia, a natural-looking material that is known for strength, durability and biocompatibility. Using our advanced imaging, along with special digital milling and design, your implant bridge will be customized for superior comfort and aesthetics. We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful and confident smile, even after tooth loss.

The Advantages of The Prettau® Implant Bridge

Compared to a traditional denture or partials that rest along the gums, the Prettau® implant bridge is secured firmly in place using surgically-positioned implants. It works to naturally stimulate the jawbone and prevent bone loss and unwanted changes in facial shape. With this innovative solution, patients can avoid the drawbacks of traditional ill-fitting dentures. These drawbacks include having restricted foods, reduced taste, use of adhesives, denture slippage, gum irritations and more.

The Prettau® bridge offers countless advantages in terms of appearance, health and functionality, including the following:

  • No Slipping
  • No Cracking or Chipping
  • No Staining
  • No Metal to Hide
  • No Bone Loss

To learn more about the benefits of choosing a permanent implant bridge made of zirconia, please contact West Hill Family Dental today. We are among an elite group of dentists in the United States that offer the Prettau® implant bridge as a premier solution in modern restorative dentistry.

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