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If you are missing more than one tooth in a row, you may be a candidate for a dental implant bridge. Just as the name implies, this type of dental bridge is supported by dental implants rather than natural teeth. At West Hill Family Dental, we have a talented implant dentist who can create the secure and confident smile you deserve. Our implant-supported bridges are unrivaled in quality and beauty, and they are uniquely fabricated to look seamless and natural within your existing teeth. Our office offers traditional bridges as well as implant-supported bridges and Prettau® implant bridges to give patients a complete menu of restorative dentistry options when replacing missing teeth.

Implant Supported Bridge

An implant-supported bridge is often suggested when there is more than one missing tooth or a concern that too much pressure would be put on individual (non-connected) implants. This may be the case if the patient has a teeth grinding problem. An implant-supported bridge allows the pressure and bite force to be spread across the entire bridge.

Instead of having a row of individual dental implants for each missing tooth, a set of prosthetic teeth or a bridge can span the gap of missing teeth and be attached to dental implants on either side. These implants will be surgically placed into the jaw bone and include an abutment and crown to serve as a strong and permanent anchor for the implant bridge. If you need an implant bridge but lack supporting bone structure, a bone grafting procedure may be needed prior to getting dental implants.

At West Hill Family Dental, we value the importance of a complete and stable smile. We work hard to ensure your implant bridge is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and secure enough to help you speak, eat and laugh with confidence. If you have one or several missing teeth, we invite you to discover your replacement options at our Rocky Hill practice. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide superior dental care for all stages of life. This includes offering the latest solutions in implant bridges when patients need to rebuild their smile. Contact us today to learn more!

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