Night Guards for Bruxism

Save Your Teeth from the Grind

Bruxism is the technical name for teeth grinding or clenching the jaw, that sometimes happens to people as they sleep. Actually, it can happen while awake as well but is more common and destructive while sleeping. Excessive tooth wear and the development of Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome are the results of bruxism. The good news is it’s easy to treat by using a night guard for your teeth. Come to our office and we’ll make you a custom night guard for your teeth, designed to protect your teeth while you are sleeping.

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What Causes Bruxism?

The primary causes of bruxism stem from stress and anxiety. The most common symptoms include sore jaw muscles, joints, teeth, or dull headaches. The results can be quite destructive and even painful.

How Night Guards Help with Bruxism 

  1. The simplest solution and first step to defeating bruxism is using a custom-made mouth guard. If you’re unaware that you have bruxism, Dr. Hemphill will be able to identify it during your check-up. Once identified he can start the process of fabricating your custom night guard. The night guard is made in three steps:

  2. First, an impression of your teeth is taken. The impression ensures a perfect custom fit and makes sleeping much more comfortable compared to over the counter night guards.  This impression is used to create a stone model of your teeth which is sent to a dental lab to manufacture your night guard.

  3. Once the dental lab receives the model, the acrylic material is shaped around the teeth to form a perfect-fitting protective barrier. The night guard can be made for either the upper or lower teeth. After completion, fine adjustments can be made. 

  4. As soon as the night guard has been fabricated, it will be delivered to you at West Hill Family Dental along with proper instructions for wear and care. It will come with a case to protect it when not being worn. The night guard should not cause any discomfort – if it does, let us know.

What Our Patients Say

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    West Hill Family Dental has been serving my entire family for 10 years. They have always been great and treat us like family. I will continue to use them because of the high level of care and comfortable atmosphere.
    Jim Barilla
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    Today was my first visit with West Hill Family dental. The staff was awesome! So warm and welcoming! I felt at home the moment I walked in the door. Melissa (hygienist) was awesome and very sweet. Dr. Hemphill was very personable. I am a nervous Nelly with the dentist but they really helped me feel comfortable.
    Nicole Sousa Ribeiro
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    "Going to the Dentist," isn't something most folks look forward to. Fortunately, the Team at West Hill Family Dental makes that experience an enjoyable event with a friendly, thoughtful and genuinely concerned approach to both routine care and one-off emergencies. The atmosphere is relaxed and positive; everything from scheduling to changes is accommodated with little fuss and a genuine enthusiasm to see you at the next opportunity. And the overall quality of care, execution and attention to customer needs are unmatched by most practices, and certainly by the cookie-cutter pop-ups that abound elsewhere. Highly recommended, family-oriented and very professional in every aspect of care and delivery - they're definitely on the list of recommendations to new residents and neighbors!
    Jorge Gallo
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    In the past I have had bad experiences with dentist and I have switch many times and I think I have finally found my forever home. Kim and Monica at the front desk are amazing they make sure that if you have any concerns, they will accommodate you in any way they can. They also socialize with you which makes visiting the dentist feel like visiting family. This is by far the best dentist I've ever been to and would recommend them to anyone.
    Ivy M.
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    Dr.Robert Hemphill and his staff are so friendly.I was very nervous to get my treatment done,doctor made me understand and kept me calm.I always walk out happy, feeling I have seen the BEST doctor who took care of my dental treatment.Kinga the dental assistant is so kind and helpful,Kim such a lovely person always smiling and happy,Monica is superb too, she calls and double confirms the appointment so that I don’t forget. Thank you once again.
    Savy Sri

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