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West Hill Family Dental Restorations

Whether we like it or not, as we age, our teeth weaken. Damaged and weakened teeth are not only painful, but they hurt self-confidence. Restorative dental procedures can resolve small problems so as to avoid larger ones later if left untreated. We’ve proudly been offering tooth restoration services in Rocky Hill CT since the first day we opened our office doors. Our restoration services cover a broad range of procedures including replacing missing teeth, dental crowns, and fillings.

When Do I need Dental Restorations?

Teeth are one of the few parts of our body that do not heal themselves. Once damaged, a tooth’s condition will continue to degrade until it cannot be saved.

Reasons for Restorative Dentistry include:

  • Smile Enhancement
  • Prevent Tooth Loss
  • Relieve Dental Pain
  • Repair Damaged and Decayed Teeth
  • Replace Missing Teeth
  • Replace older, failing Dental Treatments
  • Restore Normal Eating and Chewing

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