Pediatric Dental Care

Keeping Young Smiles Whiter, Brighter, and Healthy

Your Child’s Dental Health Starts with a Checkup

Just like you, your child needs to see the dentist for a regular check up to ensure optimal dental health. The more familiar your child becomes with dental visits and the importance of preventative care with West Hill Family Dental, the more likely they are to have fewer dental related problems as they progress through adulthood. Pediatric dental care is incredibly important and paramount for living a truly healthy life.

Checkups are essential for even the youngest of children because:

  • Your child’s baby, or primary teeth are placeholders for their permanent teeth – detecting problems early saves a lot of time and money down the road.
  • If a baby tooth has to come out early because of decay, orthodontic treatment may be necessary to reopen the space for the permanent tooth to emerge properly.
  • Infected baby teeth can cause weakness or stains in permanent teeth below.
  • Healthy baby teeth are essential for teaching young children how to properly chew food.
  • Teeth have a significant impact on proper speech development in small children.

It’s easy for parents to miss problems in their children’s teeth. Your child can suffer from cavities, gingivitis, tooth sensitivity, and other conditions without you knowing it.  When detected early, most conditions can be treated using less invasive methods. Contact our pediatric dentists to schedule an appointment for your child or children.

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What to Expect During Your Child’s Checkup

During your child’s initial visit, we will review your child’s medical and dental history and discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s teeth. We recommend X-rays around age five to determine the health and structure of your child’s teeth and jaw. We look for signs of cavities, infection, or other abnormalities when reviewing your child’s X-rays.

If your child is ready, we will clean the teeth, remove any calculus and apply a topical fluoride treatment. Dr. Hemphill will perform a thorough oral examination and discuss the findings with you along with any necessary treatment recommendations. If your child is in need of comprehensive orthodontic care, Dr. Hemphill will discuss the appropriate steps.

Tips for Calming Your Child

We know every child is unique, and we treat every one of our little patients with the utmost care, compassion, and empathy. We want your child to have the most positive experience possible. Some children may have elevated anxiety and fear about visiting the dentist.  This often is a result of the anxiety of the parent.  There are a few things you can do to make it go smoother:

  • Be Positive – If you’re fearful or have anxiety about the dentist don’t let your child know that.
  • Be a Good Role Model – Let your child regularly see you practice good dental habits at home. Talk to your children about how you go to the dentist and get them excited about having their turn to see the dentist.
  • Be Careful with Your Explanations – Let us explain to your child what is going on. We use child-friendly words and have special, non-scary ways of explaining the treatment to your child. Avoid comments like “Don’t worry, the doctor won’t hurt you.” These comments actually make your child more anxious.
  • Be a Silent Partner – We recommend allowing your child to receive treatment without you in the treatment area because often times the child relaxes more without the parent present. However, you certainly can accompany them, and sometimes this is helpful too. We just ask if you do come into the treatment area that you sit by quietly in order to allow us an opportunity to establish communication and trust directly with your child.

Nitrous Oxide for Children

Children need dental care, but some children are just too fearful to receive the necessary dental treatment. In these situations, we may recommend sedation with nitrous oxide to help your child relax and have a positive, stress-free experience. Some children have been traumatized during early childhood dental visits and carry a psychological fear with them well into adulthood. We want your child to get off on the right foot and never have fear of dental care.

Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas with a slightly sweet odor. It has been used in medicine for over a century. It’s an extremely safe and effective method of administering sedation and allows a child (or adult) to stay awake during the procedure, but feel completely relaxed. All bodily functions remain normal while receiving nitrous oxide, and the effects wear off immediately after the gas is turned off.

How is Nitrous Oxide Administered?

Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a small mask the fits comfortably over your child’s nose. The gas is mixed with oxygen and both gases are kept at safe levels for your child’s body. In a matter of minutes, patients may start to experience a floating sensation.  Sometimes patients feel a little tingling in the hands and feet. That means the sedation is working. Once your child is calm and comfortable we begin the dental procedure.

Nitrous oxide is not a substitute for a local anesthetic in children or adults. Nitrous oxide is considered an anxiolytic, which means it makes anxiety disappear. With that said, some children receiving nitrous oxide may not need an anesthetic injection. If they do need a numbing injection, they won’t mind while under nitrous oxide sedation.  Although they will be completely relaxed they will be able to speak, be aware of what’s going on, and will remain in control during the procedure. The dose is fine-tuned to a level that ensures that they are comfortable, yet alert.

What Our Patients Say

  • patient-review
    West Hill Family Dental has been serving my entire family for 10 years. They have always been great and treat us like family. I will continue to use them because of the high level of care and comfortable atmosphere.
    Jim Barilla
  • patient-review
    Today was my first visit with West Hill Family dental. The staff was awesome! So warm and welcoming! I felt at home the moment I walked in the door. Melissa (hygienist) was awesome and very sweet. Dr. Hemphill was very personable. I am a nervous Nelly with the dentist but they really helped me feel comfortable.
    Nicole Sousa Ribeiro
  • Jorge Gallo
    "Going to the Dentist," isn't something most folks look forward to. Fortunately, the Team at West Hill Family Dental makes that experience an enjoyable event with a friendly, thoughtful and genuinely concerned approach to both routine care and one-off emergencies. The atmosphere is relaxed and positive; everything from scheduling to changes is accommodated with little fuss and a genuine enthusiasm to see you at the next opportunity. And the overall quality of care, execution and attention to customer needs are unmatched by most practices, and certainly by the cookie-cutter pop-ups that abound elsewhere. Highly recommended, family-oriented and very professional in every aspect of care and delivery - they're definitely on the list of recommendations to new residents and neighbors!
    Jorge Gallo
  • patient-review
    In the past I have had bad experiences with dentist and I have switch many times and I think I have finally found my forever home. Kim and Monica at the front desk are amazing they make sure that if you have any concerns, they will accommodate you in any way they can. They also socialize with you which makes visiting the dentist feel like visiting family. This is by far the best dentist I've ever been to and would recommend them to anyone.
    Ivy M.
  • patient-review
    Dr.Robert Hemphill and his staff are so friendly.I was very nervous to get my treatment done,doctor made me understand and kept me calm.I always walk out happy, feeling I have seen the BEST doctor who took care of my dental treatment.Kinga the dental assistant is so kind and helpful,Kim such a lovely person always smiling and happy,Monica is superb too, she calls and double confirms the appointment so that I don’t forget. Thank you once again.
    Savy Sri

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What West Hill Family Dental Patients Say


Based on 26 reviews

Loved the doctor & excellent staff! Extremely welcoming. When you walk in you are always greeted with a smile, and the office is very clean and up to date. One of the best dental experiences I have had and I will definitely come back!


Dr. Hemphill really cares about his patients and the staff make you feel so welcome and comfortable. Great choice for a dental practice.

Vicki P.

I do not dread going to the dentist any more, even if I need something more than a cleaning. They are great people, always upbeat, always honest, and very accommodating. I love my visits and appreciate their expertise and care!

Carolyn M.

Great office, very welcoming I was treated like a member of the family. My small problems were taken care of fast and comfortably

Sandy K.

Dr Hemphill and his team are amazing. As a dental provider myself I can't recommend them enough to anyone looking for a great general dentist with a wonderful staff!

Adam C.

Great service and great people. I used to hate going to the Dentist. Very nice and courteous dental staff. Helpful front desk staff who can figure out your dental plan and give you an actual price.

Brandon Z.

Today was my first visit with West Hill Family dental. The staff was awesome! So warm and welcoming! I felt at home the moment I walked in the door. Melissa (hygienist) was awesome and very sweet. Dr. Hemphill was very personable. I am a nervous Nelly with the dentist but they really helped me feel comfortable.

Nicole R.

Great experience getting my first crown. Dr.Hemphill and team are gentle and made everything painless! Definitely would recommend anyone who is looking for a dentist.

Tia L.

Our Clients Reviews

Dr.Robert Hemphill and his staff are so friendly.I was very nervous to get my treatment done,doctor made me understand and kept me calm.I always walk out happy, feeling I have seen the BEST doctor who took care of my dental treatment.Kinga the dental assistant is so kind and helpful,Kim such a lovely person always smiling and happy,Monica is superb too, she calls and double confirms the appointment so that I don’t forget. Thank you once again.

Savi S.

This is the best dentist office I have ever been too. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and they truly care about you. Melissa, the hygienist is amazing and Dr. Hemphill always goes above and beyond. The staff at the front desk make you feel right at home and you always receive exceptional customer service. I highly recommend West Hill Family Dental.

Michele M.

The entire staff at West Hill Family Dental is extremely friendly and personable. The hygienists make you feel comfortable and the dentists are thorough yet efficient. I have been going there for 5 years and have never had a negative experience or felt as if they were trying to push dental work I did not need. I would highly recommend West Hill Family Dental to anyone looking for a dentist.

Marco A.

I am a very anxious person who was petrified to go to the dentist but had too because I had pain. The staff was amazing and Dr. Hemphill is obviously extremely skilled and his people skills are second to none. I had a root canal where I felt no pain and I am typing this just 4 hours after my procedure and I feel relief and no pain at all. WOW- if anyone is hesitant as a first time patient don't be. You are welcomed as a part of the family practice and I have no anxiety about my next visit. I have a lot of work to be done but know now there is no better place to go than West Hill. I am so glad I found them.

Steve B.

I am from out of town visiting family in Connecticut this weekend and I had a terrible toothache and didn't know where to turn. Obviously my family dentist is a few hundred miles away and It was a Saturday morning. I asked my uncle who I should call for help. They told me their dentist, Dr. Hemphill, has an emergency number I should I did. Dr. Hemphill was kind enough to drive in and assess the situation. I am out of pain and enjoying the rest of my weekend with my family. Thank you Dr. Hemphill. I can't thank you enough for all your time and help with this tooth situation.

Parag D.

They made changing dentists after 32 years extremely easy, very friendly, and informative, they make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door!

Ashley B.

The best dentist ever! Love the water pick! The dental hygienists are wonderful and Dr. Hemphill is a pro at his job. Even makes getting novocaine easy! Even my children enjoy getting their teeth cleaned here.


Always a good experience! Everyone is extremely nice and professional!

Joann H.

Just switched my kids to them and they wonderful!! GREAT staff, from front desk to the hygienist to the dentist himself! I am very picky when it comes to this stuff but You know you have the right one when you're kids ASK when they can go back to the dentist! I'd recommend them to anyone!!

Briana B.

As someone who has never been a fan of the dentist, I can honestly say this experience was comforting and painless! I was greeted with a smile at the front desk and exceptional patient care from the hygienist, to the assistant, to Dr. Hemphill himself. Dr. Hemphill walked me through, step by step, explaining what he was doing as his assistant and hygienist comforted me along the way! The entire staff was extremely friendly and personable!

Autumn S.

Best dental practice in CT... I recommend all my family and friends here... Wonderful, friendly staff... Look at our pearly whites...

Melissa F.

Dr Hemphill is easily the best dentist I've ever had. All of the staff are very friendly and caring. If your looking for a dentist in this area pick these people! You wont regret it.

Ashley C.

Dr Hemphill is simply the best! He and his staff are the nicest, kindest, most sincere people I have come across in a long time. He really stepped up to the plate when I had an emergency situation. He came in and opened his doors to me on his day off and not only saved me from a lot of pain and misery but he also saved my tooth!

Scott K.

Dr. Hemphill, or as I like to call him "Dr. H", makes going to the dentist stress free and actually a FUN and comfortable experience. He's a fantastic doctor and a great guy who really cares about his patients. The office is clean and the staff is friendly. They take my insurance and make everything totally affordable. I'm so glad I found Dr. Hemphill!

Shannon R.

Dr.Hemphill and the staff at the West Hill Family Dental showed great caring and understanding during a year long multiple visits required by my difficult dental situation. Dr. Hemphill worked with me to find the best possible plan forward. Changing of the multiple old crowns involved restoring of the decay damaged teeth, performing root canals and building up of the teeth core. With the help of a friendly dental assistant Kinga teeth were repaired and old crowns replaced by the new ones. Vicky always tried to find the best financial plan for the dental services and accommodate my busy schedule when making future appointments. Melissa and Tina did a great job on teeth cleaning. The West Hill Family Dental is a dental office where patients will find professional service while being treated with understanding and as a part of a family.

Bojana N.

Great service, flexible appointments, friendly staff and we are happy so far.

Ram P.

Really great dentist. Been a patient of his since he went into private practice and liked him so much that when he moved his office from Glastonbury to Rocky Hill, my whole family followed him. Not only is he an excellent dentist, the staff is great and appointments are on time. I can't think of enough nice things to say about him.

Mike R.

Great dentist for me and my children!

Zachary M.

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