While most patients consider orthodontics a chance to fix the appearance of their crooked or gapped teeth, the benefits don’t stop there. A straight smile impacts the comfort of your bite, your speech and even the health of your mouth. At West Hill Family Dental, we proudly offer dental braces and Invisalign for adults. After treatment, you can expect a more attractive smile as well as one that is healthier!

Correcting the alignment of your teeth can offer the following benefits:

More Functional Bite

Aligned teeth mean that your upper and lower arch fit together in an ideal way. Orthodontics can improve your ability to bite, chew and speak, which are all functions of your smile. A misaligned bite, however, can lead to jaw discomfort and TMJ issues over time.

Healthier Teeth & Gums

If you have teeth that are over-crowded, crooked or even gapped, it may be harder for you to clean your teeth and gums. In result, your crooked smile is especially vulnerable to decay and gum disease. After your teeth are straightened, however, it will be easier to keep your smile clean and healthy.

Better Self-Confidence

Whether you are about to get married or interviewing for a new job, straight teeth have a profound impact on your self-esteem and overall well-being. A smile that is straight and healthy can boost a patient’s confidence at any stage of life.

At West Hill Family Dental, we offer multiple treatment options for orthodontics. We love helping patients realize the long-term return on their teeth straightening investment – which is far more than a pretty smile!