Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime with proper care. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to lose a permanent tooth. When teeth are damaged beyond repair, they may need to be extracted in order to protect your oral health. In most circumstances, however, permanent teeth need to be replaced after they fall out or get removed. In fact, the consequences of missing teeth can happen rather quickly so time is of the essence when it comes to restorative dentistry.

Reasons Teeth Go Missing

Whether your tooth fell out on its own or your dentist suggested extraction, here are some common reasons why an adult tooth goes missing and needs to be replaced:

  • Accidental trauma/Injury to the mouth
  • Severe decay or infection
  • Extensive tooth damage
  • Advanced gum disease

Tooth extraction may also be recommended for adults who are preparing for orthodontic treatment or those who have impacted wisdom teeth. These are cases in which tooth replacement may not be necessary.

What Happens When After Tooth Removal

Optimal oral health depends on the presence of every tooth in your smile. When just one tooth goes missing, a detrimental chain of events can occur. Regardless of where the gap is located in your mouth, the consequences of missing teeth can often include the following:

  • Shifting Adjacent Teeth
  • Difficulty Keeping Teeth Clean
  • Bone Loss Due to Lack of Jawbone Stimulation
  • Chewing Limitations
  • Speech Problems
  • Threats to Smile Appearance

It doesn’t take long before the teeth around the missing tooth will migrate towards the empty gap. This can create a host of problems within your smile, including functional, health and aesthetic issues. In addition, when the underlying bone is not stimulated with biting and chewing from a tooth root, the bone will begin to atrophy or resorb over time. This can create a hallowed appearance in your lower face, especially when more than one tooth is missing.

Dental Implants Are the Superior Solution

Teeth replacement can involve bridges, dentures, partials and other restorative options. However, dental implants are the only solution that address ALL drawbacks of missing teeth.

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