Are your teeth looking dull, stained or yellow? You can brighten and whiten your smile with teeth whitening. With professional teeth whitening from your dentist, you can regain a youthful and more attractive appearance without invasive or costly procedures. At West Hill Family Dental, we know you have countless options when it comes to whitening your teeth. However, we’d like to explain the profound benefits of add a little more to your upfront investment and choosing teeth whitening from a dentist instead of the drug store.

Reasons for Tooth Stains

When you first receive your permanent teeth as a child, they are stunningly white and brilliant. Most people still have a lovely white smile when they become an adult. But, as time passes, teeth can begin to become dull. In addition, the beverages and foods you eat can stain the enamel. Coffee, red wine, tea, berries and other dark pigmented foods can leave unsightly stains behind. Over time, these can be stains that even brushing and professional dental cleanings can’t remove. Smokers and tobacco users often have yellowing teeth from the nicotine, tarnishing their smile.

Professional Bleaching vs Retail Whitening Products

While there are many teeth whitening products you can buy at retail stores, there are valued advantages to using professional bleaching. The toothpastes, gels and strips you can buy at the grocery or drug store are not always as effective as they claim and can cause damage to your teeth and gums. Plus, they typically need to be used repeatedly to achieve your desired results.

On the other hand, professional teeth whitening systems can quickly lighten your teeth by several shades while protecting your oral health. You get better results without the worry of harming your teeth using over-the-counter products.

Two Innovative Whitening Options at West Hill Family Dental

Choosing West Hill Family Dental for a whiter smile means you have two of the most proven and advanced options in professional teeth whitening. We offer the following:

  • GLO Whitening System: The GLO whitening system is available as an in office or take home application. The whitening system was designed to minimize sensitivity that is associated with traditional whitening technologies. The award-winning teeth whitening system is known for its closed-system mouthpiece which combines LED light with built-in heat resistors. The guided light optics (G.L.O.) technology uses controlled warming heat to activate the professional-strength GLO Whitening Gel.
  • KöR Whitening System: KöR whitening is another new whitening system that set out to address the sensitivity issues that are commonly associated with teeth whitening. The KöR whitening system focuses on the quality of the whitening gel.  The gels are refrigerated from the moment of manufacture until they are applied to the teeth. The result is an exceptionally effective gel with lower sensitivity and less risk of pain. The gel contains no chemical stabilizers, and when placed onto warm teeth, is extremely effective in doing what it’s designed to do. No use of lights or lasers is needed with the KöR system.

Turn back the hands of time with whiter teeth from West Hill Family Dental. Call now to schedule your appointment.