Whether due to trauma, tooth extraction or other natural changes in your oral health, you may notice that your dentures do not fit as well as they did initially. As a simple and affordable solution, you may consider having your dentures relined. Simply put—denture relining reestablishes the shape of dentures (underside) to make them more comfortable.

Do your dentures need this routine maintenance? To better understand how dentures become uncomfortable over time, consider what happens when a tooth is extracted or pulled. Teeth are kept in place by alveolar bone tissue. When a tooth is removed, this tissue begins to break down at the cellular level. Referred to as the “reabsorption process,” the body takes the material and transfers it to other places in the body where it is needed. The reabsorption process happens fairly quickly (in 3-4 months) and continues as a patient ages. This “loss of bone” can prove to be frustrating for denture-wearers, as the dentures may fail to fit or function like they were intended.

Soft VS. Hard Reline

Using a liquid polymer material, a soft reline procedure adds depth and cushion to the denture. For patients with bone reabsorption actively taking place, or for those with sensitive gums, the soft reline is often preferred. In addition, the reline is completed in the office in one visit, allowing the patient to leave with a more desired fit. However, patients must understand that soft reline procedures may require occasional adjustments. This is because the material used to shape the denture is soft and porous.

Creating a more permanent result, the hard reline procedure involves reshaping the denture with a material similar to the hardened material originally used to create the denture. While a hard reline can also be performed in the office, many dentists recommend that the denture be sent to a lab to avoid issues that may arise from heat transfer of the materials used. What this means is that patients receiving a hard reline procedure will have to go a short time without their dentures.

A Different Denture Experience

Whether you are already a denture-wearer or considering how dentures will work for you, we can help you at West Hill Family Dental. Our team is committed to providing patients with a positive and rewarding denture experience so that you can regain a confident smile after missing teeth. Call today to learn more about our top-quality dentures or denture services in Rocky Hill.