It is true that your teeth are made of the strongest substance in your body. However, your teeth are not invincible. If you’ve cracked a tooth, you can trust West Hill Family Dental for prompt attention and top quality care. We encourage patients to seek treatment as soon as possible for a cracked or damaged tooth, as it can produce threats to your entire oral health if not treated promptly.

Whether you have simply cracked the enamel of your tooth or fractured the tooth roots, our dentists are equipped to restore your tooth to proper health, strength and aesthetics. We provide same day treatments for dental concerns just like this, ensuring patients never have to suffer from disruptive tooth pain or unbearable sensitivity longer than they should.

According to The Cleveland Clinic, the most common causes of tooth fractures are:

  • Age, with many tooth cracks happening at age 50 and older.
  • Biting hard foods, such as candy, ice or popcorn kernels.
  • Habits, such as gum chewing, ice chewing.
  • Large dental fillings or a root canal, which weaken the tooth.
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism).
  • Trauma, including falls, sports injuries, bike accidents, car accidents or physical violence.

Teeth fractures can occur anywhere in the mouth, but the upper front teeth and the back molars are most susceptible.

Let Us Repair Your Tooth Damage

To determine your specific treatment plan for cracked tooth repair, one of our skilled dentists will first assess the severity of the damage. Most minor tooth cracks can be repaired with dental bonding, a quick procedure that uses tooth-colored composite resin to fill in the crack or chip. However, if the damage has invaded the tooth pulp, it may be necessary to have a root canal and a crown to properly restore your tooth. Regardless of what your smile needs, you can trust that we will use top quality and durable materials and the latest dental techniques when repairing your tooth. We offer sedation dentistry and use a variety of cutting-edge equipment to keep procedures comfortable and fast.

If you see a visible crack on your tooth or you are experiencing pain when chewing or from extreme temperatures, you need to be seen. Please call West Hill Family Dental promptly if you suspect you have tooth damage. We reserve time in our schedules each day to treat dental emergencies in Rocky Hill.