Did you know that teeth whitening is the most sought-after cosmetic dental treatment across the United States? This is easily understood when you consider the convenience and affordability of professional teeth whitening along with its ability to make dramatic improvements to your smile appearance and overall well-being.

White teeth are simply more attractive. In fact, studies show that whiter teeth can make you more approachable, portray confidence, make you look younger and even increase your chances for career success. Unfortunately, it is difficult to retain white teeth as you age. Not only do teeth get dull and stain from the dark-colored foods and drinks we consume, but the natural aging process also contributes to a discolored smile. As we get older, our outer tooth enamel tends to thin. In result, the next layer (dentin) is more visible, and dentin has a yellow hue. Lastly, tobacco use and smoking habits can largely influence the color of your teeth. Regardless of how or why your smile has lost its bright white, there are ways to regain it.

Why Teeth Whitening From Your Dentist

It doesn’t take long to discover the endless teeth whitening products available at your local pharmacy or grocery store. Why invest in professional whitening from your dentist when you can elect a cheaper route from the store shelves? There are many risks to this.

First, your oral health should never be ignored or come at the sacrifice of teeth whitening. When you are going solo on your teeth whitening efforts, you may miss dental health problems that should be addressed first.

Second, professional teeth whitening is customized to your unique teeth. Since no two smiles are alike, DIY kits may not fit properly over your teeth and even overlap onto your gums, which can make them ineffective and irritating to your soft tissues. In fact, it is not uncommon to experience teeth sensitivity and other unwanted side effects from store-bought products, and this can be avoided with a dentist.

Finally, professional teeth whitening can have a much larger return on your investment. Over-the-counter whitening products are not as strong as professional-grade systems. Therefore, it may require repeated applications and multiple purchases to achieve the results you were looking for. This can add up in time and expense. With professional teeth whitening, you may pay a larger upfront cost, but longer-lasting results can be obtained quickly in just one treatment.

Discover Advanced Teeth Whitening in Rocky Hill

At West Hill Family Dental, we are proud to offer two of the most preferred systems in professional teeth whitening. We offer GLO Whitening as well as KöR Whitening depending on your unique needs, goals and preferences. Contact us today to learn how you can lighten your teeth for a more attractive smile!

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