Accidents happen. Injuries that involve the mouth can be some of the most alarming, and many require immediate care. An emergency dentist can help you determine if your dental injury warrants urgent treatment. In some cases, an emergency dental situation is not from a traumatic injury at all. Instead, your oral problem could be a result of an infection or severe decay that has been festering for some time but has suddenly made itself known with noticeable discomfort. Regardless of how it happened, it is important that you take action with an emergency dentist in the following situations:

Knocked-out tooth

Even healthy, strong teeth can become displaced or avulsed during trauma. When a tooth falls out, an emergency dentist is critical. If you can keep the tooth moist and see your dentist within the hour, it is possible to replant the knocked-out tooth.

Cracked or chipped tooth

Not all tooth fractures need immediate attention. However, if your tooth is sensitive, painful or bleeding, your fracture may have extended to the center of the tooth, which means it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Call your emergency dentist for immediate action steps when you chip or crack a tooth.

Abscessed tooth or swelling

Swelling with pain (without a traumatic injury) often indicates an infection. An abscess is a painful pocket of puss that develops along the gum or jaw. This infection, which can cause fever, pain, swelling and a bad taste in the mouth, demands emergency dental care.

Severe or persistent tooth pain

A toothache is hard to ignore. If the pain continues or is excessive, a trip to your dentist is often in order to determine the reason. It is not uncommon for patients to see no visible reason for the pain, so x-rays can be helpful.

Mouth bleeding or soft tissue injury

Your mouth contains more than teeth. There are many types of soft tissue in your mouth (lips, tongue, cheek) that can get damaged too. This often results in bleeding. If the bleeding is persistent or difficult to control, call an emergency dentist for guidance.

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