With today’s advancements in modern denture technology, patients can enjoy replacement teeth that highly resemble the look, function and feel of real teeth. However, even the most top quality dentures have a lifespan. While you can certainly maximize this lifespan by taking care of your dentures properly, you can’t expect your dentures to last forever. Here are some top warning signs that you need a denture repair, adjustment or replacement from West Hill Family Dental:

#1 Your Dentures Are Loose

If your dentures are losing stability when you speak and eat, you may not need a full replacement yet. Temporary solutions include denture relines and better adhesive creams. However, when the underlying bone and gums change their shape substantially, you may need a replacement denture for a better fit.

#2 Speaking Is Difficult

If you find that you are slurring your words, you might need to have your dentures adjusted, repaired or replaced. Don’t compromise your communication and speech for ill-fitting dentures.

#3 You Feel Pain or Discomfort

After your initial adjustment period with your dentures, you shouldn’t experience pain or discomfort. If you do have sores, lesions or other soft tissue irritation, talk to you dentist about a possible denture adjustment or replacement.

#4 Your Dentures Are Damaged

Just like your teeth, your dentures can suffer breakage or damage. When this occurs, it is important to see your dentist right away. In some cases, we can repair your existing dentures, but a replacement set may be needed.

#5 Your Dentures Are Stained

It is not always easy to avoid staining on your dentures over time, especially if you enjoy coffee, red wine or other dark colored beverages. When staining develops on your prosthetic teeth, however, you may want to consider a replacement denture to ensure your smile stays bright and youthful.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues with your full or partial dentures, please call West Hill Family Dental. We are experts at restoring your smile – even when it involves tending to your replacement teeth!