Restorative dentistry, or replacing missing teeth, is one of the most life-changing fields of dentistry. However, it can also be one of the costliest. Whether you are spending money on a car, house or new teeth, it is important to make a purchase that will maximize your investment and give you the most long-term return. While we aren’t qualified to guide you in your car-buying decisions, we can feel confident telling patients that dental implants are the superior choice for prosthetic teeth.

Dental implants are unlike any other restorative dentistry investment. They may carry a higher price tag upfront, but the long-term benefits can quickly outweigh your monetary sacrifices. By choosing dental implants to secure a full arch of teeth instead of dentures, you’ll gain the following paybacks:

Improved Confidence

Traditional dentures rest on the gum line and are held in place by special adhesives. Unfortunately, they are known for slipping out of place or fitting uncomfortably from time to time. However, using dental implants to firmly secure your dentures into your jawbone means that your teeth will have the stability they need to help you feel confidence to eat out with friends or burst into laughter without the fear of your prosthetic teeth falling out!

Better Convenience

The convenience factor for dental implants is worth mentioning. Traditional dentures require special cleaning regimes and the handling of messy adhesive creams on a daily basis. An implant supported denture, on the other hand, can be cared for just like natural teeth. Forget the hassle and expense of extra products and steps.

Protected Health

Dietary freedom is something many traditional denture wearers never attain. Instead, they avoid hard or chewy foods and resort to a soft-foods diet. Unfortunately, this often means that their diet is high in carbohydrates and low in fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Over time, this can lead to obesity, diabetes and other health risks as you age.

Investing in dental implants means you are investing in your appearance, quality of life and overall health. At West Hill Family Dental, we help patients recognize that dental implants are an excellent way to extend and maximize your restorative dentistry investment. Call our trusted dental clinic to learn more about the advantages of dental implants versus traditional dentures.