If you are an adult with crooked, gapped or misaligned teeth, don’t count yourself out of a straighter smile. Not only are there valued benefits to having straight teeth, but you don’t have to suffer through the orthodontic process like you may assume. Whether you never wore the braces you needed as a child or your teeth have slowly migrated out of place as an adult, here are three reasons why you should straighten your smile now:

#1 You Don’t Have to Wear Metal Braces

The misconception that metal braces are the only option is the most common reason why patients avoid orthodontics as an adult. Fortunately, modern orthodontics offers a way to avoid a mouth full of metal brackets and wires. Most adult patients qualify for Invisalign clear aligner therapy. This is a comfortable, discreet and highly convenient treatment that can correct crowding, crooked teeth and gaps as well as under bites, crossbites and over bites.

Invisalign involves wearing nearly invisible aligners that can be removed to eat, brush and floss. Each aligner set is customized to your unique teeth and changed out every two weeks until your teeth move into their ideal position. There’s no pesky wires, frequent office visits or food restrictions to deal with when choosing Invisalign as your adult orthodontic treatment.

#2 You’ll Benefit Your Oral Health

Did you know that straighter teeth are often healthier teeth? When teeth are aligned properly, you can clean them easier and better. Crooked teeth can foster tight spaces in your smile that collect bacteria, sugars and plaque. This can lead to frequent cavities and gum disease. Straightening your teeth can also help relieve unnecessary strain on your jaw muscles from a poor, unbalanced bite.

#3 You Can Boost Your Emotional Well-being

The struggle to maintain a positive self-esteem doesn’t stop after adolescence. Straightening your smile as an adult can drastically improve your outward appearance, which in turn can help you feel more confident and emotionally healthy. A straighter, more beautiful smile can be especially beneficial if your career requires public appearances.

Ready to learn more about how we can straighten your smile with Invisalign? West Hill Family Dental is proud to be a certified Invisalign provider. We are happy to explain the process as well as what you can personally expect in terms of treatment time and cost. Call our Rocky Hill office today.