Orthodontic treatment is meant to correct the position or alignment of your teeth. If you are wearing braces and see your orthodontist on a regular basis, don’t assume the health of your teeth are also being monitored. Only a dentist is responsible for your oral health during orthodontic treatment. In fact, it can be quite disheartening to get your braces off – only to find out that your straight smile is ridden with stains, gum disease and cavities.

At West Hill Family Dental, we like to see our orthodontic patients on a routine basis. In fact, we’d like to see you more frequently than every six months if it is possible. Cleaning your teeth around metal brackets and wires can be challenging. A professional dental cleaning at our office can ensure food debris, plaque and bacteria are not accumulating between your braces and causing problems. It is our goal for you to have healthy teeth and gums when your orthodontic treatment is finally complete.

Here are three of the most common dental issues that orthodontic patients encounter:

Puffy Gums/Gum Disease

Are your gums red and swollen around your brackets? This is a first sign of gum disease. We suggest upping your oral hygiene game and even investing in a water flosser to ensure excess bacteria gets blasted away between your brackets and bands.

White Spots/Staining

Some patients are shocked at how yellow their teeth are after getting their braces off. Others may notice visible white spots on the outer layer of their teeth. Both of these types of dental discoloration are common and can be prevented by proper oral hygiene, limiting sugar intake, chewing Xylitol gum, using a prescribed fluoride toothpaste or a fluoride application at the dentist.


Due to the food traps that your braces can be for several months or years, it is not uncommon to have more frequent cavities during orthodontic treatment. Again, this is very preventable. Keep in mind that the sticky foods you are supposed to avoid while wearing braces may also be for the benefit or your oral health, not just the stability of your oral appliances.

Want to ensure your straight smile is revealed without any dental health blunders? Come see us at West Hill Family Dental. We are fully equipped to provide preventative dental care to kids and adults who are wearing braces or aligners.